Traditional Tattoos

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Traditonal Tattoos

Do you have an idea for a tattoo that you want bringing to life? 

Our traditional tattoo artist is here to advise you with and design you the most beautiful of artistic pieces. 

You will always be shown a preview and the stencil will be placed where you wish before we begin. 

This is a service we are proud to offer here at Inked Beauty Bar. Take a look at some of the beautiful and delicate pieces that have already been created by heading to our gallery. 

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Well, it isn't completely painless - but people still keep coming back so it can't be too bad. However, there are ways you can make it a lot more pain-free. There are topical numbing creams you can purchase and apply to your skin an hour or two prior to your tattoo. This is guaranteed to make the appointment much more comfortable for you. 

Your tattoo will last for the rest of your life so it is important you think about your design. 
To keep your tattoos looking as fresh as possible, there are balms and creams that can be purchased. 

Yes they can. You can go through the process of laser tattoo removal which can fade your tattoo down (this is likely to be more than one treatment), or you can even opt for a cover-up with a design which is much more fresh. 

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