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Nue Conceal


Nue Conceal is an unparalleled solution for stretch marks, scars and hypopigmentation. Utilizing a skin tone reading device to accurately read the client’s skin tone, Nue App identifies the best pigment suggestion that guarantees a perfectly colour matched result every time. This ground-breaking technology enables tattoo artists to save valuable time when selecting the right pigment as they no longer need to search through countless colour swatches.

Through our cutting-edge technology, users can now achieve flawless looking results while restoring their confidence in their appearance. In addition, each student will benefit from their own customised pigment selection tailored specifically to their unique skin tone and type with absolute accuracy. The Nue App removes any guesswork from the equation, allowing you to trust that you are receiving a perfect match every time without fail.

Modern Stretch Mark Revision

(Inkless Camouflage)

An innovative way to diminish the appearance of stretch marks or scars through tattooing.

A special blend of serums & oils are tattooed into your stretch marks/scars, which creates a trauma response that tells your body it’s injured. New collagen and melanin are produced in the treated areas, blending the stretch marks & scars into the surrounding skin. This option is perfect for those that do not qualify for camouflaging with ink.

Brazillain Stretch Mark Camouflage

An innovative way to diminish the appearance of stretch marks or scars through tattooing. The art of camouflaging starts with a custom blend of ink to perfectly match your skin tone. Specialized needles are then used to insert the custom color into the affected areas. Once fully healed, your scars or stretch marks will blend with the surrounding skin, leaving you with beautifully camouflaged results.
Each individual heals differently, therefore the amount of sessions will vary from person to person to achieve desired results. These factors can include but are not limited to: skin type, skin color, depth & size of area being treated, & how old the scars or stretch marks are being treated. However, majority of cases only require one follow-up session 60-90 days following initial treatment.

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If you've answered yes to this question, please proceed to question 2.

If you've answered no to this question, unfortunately you are not a candidate at this time. It typically takes stretch marks/scars at least 2 years to fully heal. Skip ahead to learn more about other options or ask us about ink-less camouflage!

If you answered yes, please proceed to the next question.

If you answered no to this question, unfortunately your stretch marks are not a candidate at this time. If they are red, pink, dark, or grey in color..this typically means they are still healing! So you may be a candidate for ink in the future when fully healed. Check out our ink-less camouflage!


Not a Candidate:

If you've answered yes to all three questions, hooray, you are the perfect candidate! You can now book your appointment! 



If you've answered no to any of these questions, don't fret. There are other options to get you to the results you want! Ask us about Procell Therapy or our ink-less camouflage technique! 

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