Stretch Mark Revision

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Modern Stretch Mark Revision

MSR is a way to revise and reverse stretchmarks by using a customized healing solution instead of ink. MSR is suitable for anyone 18 and older. It can be done anywhere on the body except for the face. MSR is permanent as ling as weight remains stable. 

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The goal is to achieve better tone and texture and color in the skin. We achieve this by tattooing the serum into the skin in turn triggering the body's regenerative response to send collagen, elastin, and melanocytes to the affected area. It takes about 4 weeks to heal before determining if additional sessions are needed. You can expect to see 50%-70% improvement after one session but it may take up to 5 to reach your goal. 

MSR is for everybody however Fitzpatrick 4/5/6 clients require a patch test to determine the melanin response to the treatment. 

Stretch marks must be healed meaning they are no longer red, purple, pink or reddish brown. 


Pregnant women. Chronic skin conditions, infections or skin cancer. Prone to keloid scarring or use of Accutane within the last year. 

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