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Shadowing . Model Days . Apprenticeship

Microblading . Eyeliner . Powder Brows . Lip Blushing. Permanent Jewelry . Scar Camouflage

Emily’s courses are a comprehensive training of Permanent Makeup techniques. She will address how to safely and properly tattoo the skin and the benefits and applications for each skin type. She uses the latest techniques and best products for a beautiful natural result. Emily will also teach you needle theory, color theory, skin anatomy, sanitation practices, and how to consult with your clients. She will share with you things she wishes she would have learned starting out in the industry. All of her secrets. How to market yourself, set pricing, collaborate with influencers and take beautiful photos.

Learn to treat ALL scenarios for all skin types. Each course includes a FULL kit with everything you need to work on 10+ clients. Each course also includes a live model to work on.

What Could you Earn?


Average Cost of a PMU Treatment


Weekly Income Based on 3 Clients


Gross Yearly Income

Our "Hands on" Training

Come in for a day of shadowing the best of the best PMU artists in St Louis MO. Whether you are just curious about the industry or you are an existing artist looking for a refresher you are sure to have an amazing day and leave with a wealth of knowledge. 

Looking to freshen up your skills and train with your favorite artist? Sign up for a day working on 1 model where we guide you every step of the way giving you all of the tips and tricks to take your skill set to the next level. 

Do you want to learn it all?!? AND see how Emily runs her successful PMU business then this is the course for you. Spend a month with Emily and her team learning everything and immersing yourself completely into the PMU WORLD. What all is included:

You will learn microblading, powder brows, eyeliner and lip blushing.

You will receive a $1,200 Fully Equipped Kit - enough supplies to take your first 50 clients

This apprenticeship is for 1 month, 3-4 days a week from 9AM- 2PM. This can be customized to your personal schedule. 

You will have 2 hands-on models that Emily will assist you with. A $2900 value!

You will have the ability to view and learn from other artists in the studio. 

We want our students to become the BEST artist and business operators they can be. You will receive limitless resources and references in class so you can continue your growth. We take photos of you working on models for your social medias & website as well as give you beautiful before & after photos of your clients.

New Course Offering

Week of Education

Now introducing Inked Education Week! Due to high demand for a hybrid between an apprenticeship and class format, we have created an in-between option for those ready to jump start their careers with EVERY PMU service under their belts. This format is 6 days long, and covers each service as well as giving you the opportunity to work on models for each service.

Day 1 - Pre-WorkDay (online)
Day 2 - Theory in Practice
Day 3 - Theory in Practice
Day 4 - Brows (Powder/Microblading)
Day 5 - Lip Blushing
Day 6 -Eyeliner

This course option includes an ADVANCED INDUSTRY KIT (valued at $1,200) and models for each PMU technique!

All items included in the single-focus course kit PLUS an additional tattoo machine, four (20-ct) boxes of cartridges, two (2) additional pigment sets, one (1) additional primary numbing, all course booklets, and access to all course training online modules, and all additional disposables related to individual courses.

Enough supplies to take your first 50 clients. 

Contact us to ask about our effective training courses. Our expert instructors provide tailored training to fit any experience whether you need beginner or advanced courses. Invest in yourself and your team by improving your skills. Reach out to us now to achieve your professional goals.

Learn to how to make a 6 figure income in a career you love!

Inked Academy training offers continued support after you graduate. You have full access to your trainer to answer any questions you may have! Emily’s students are constantly sending pictures, asking for guidance on pigment choices, to critique work, help with quoting prices, we are here for ANYTHING you may need.

Our mission at Inked Academy is to provide the highest quality and most well rounded training in the world. Our goal is to train technicians to have the proper skills to change more lives on a daily basis inside and out of our community.

your questions


We offer training for:

Powder Brows
Lip Blushing
Eyeliner Scar Camouflage
Permanent Jewelry

● Complete Blood Bourne Pathogens Training through Pro Trainings (Tattoo & Body art) BEFORE the first day of class.
● Day 1 & 2 come comfy and ready to learn (remember we will be taking pics of you 😉
● Day 3 please wear all black or scrubs for model day

Our FULL kit includes:
Inked Academy Training Manual
Wireless Tattoo Machine
Pigment Set
Package of 20 cartridges
Inked String
Pre Draw Pencil
Color Wheel
Primary Numbing
Secondary Numbing
Ink Mixer
Ink Cups
Sani Derm wipes
Spooly, doe foot applicators and more!

Day 1: Theory (10am-4pm)
Day 2: Hands on latex work. Watch Emily perform a service ona model. (9am-4pm)
Day 3: Model Day (9am-4pm or until models are completed)

2024 Courses:

Course Date Trainer
Week of Education 03/11-03/15 Emily Thomas
Scar Camouflage 03/06-03/08 Melissa Naes
Permanent Jewelry 02/26 Eve MacDonald
Week of Education 05/13-05/17 Emily Thomas
Week of Education 7/15-7/19 Emily Thomas
Week of Education 9/16-9/20 Emily Thomas
Week of Education 11/11-11/15 Emily Thomas

Courses Overview

Courses on offer

Microblading, Eyeliner, Powder Brows, Lip Blushing & Permanent Jewelry

Full Kit

Yes - each course includes a FULL kit with everything you need to work on your first 50 clients

Business Marketing

We will teach you tips and tricks to help you market your business

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