How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

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How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

Permanent makeup items are usually classified as tattoos. But unlike tattoos they aren’t permanent; despite what the marketing leads you to believe. Most eyeliners’ will come off after just one wash! And even if they don’t wash out right away, they will eventually fade over time.

Putting eyeliner on every time you need to go out can be a painstaking and time-consuming process. This is why getting a permanent eyeliner that keeps its shape and color for long periods of time is so appealing for women. But is permanent eyeliner really worth it? And how ‘permanent’ is it?

Permanent Eyeliner – The Basics

All permanent eyeliners’ will eventually fade out, unlike tattoos that can last a lifetime. The reason for this is that when the eyeliner color is implanted or embedded, it doesn’t penetrate the skin as deep as a tattoo needle. Only the layers on the top surface of the skin are infused with the color pigment of the eyeliner using special tools and equipment.

The Process

The process of applying permanent eyeliner is somewhat different to that of getting a tattoo.
The area around your eye is first cleansed by an anti-bacterial. Alongside that, a numbing cream is also applied to reduce the pain level during the application process.
Next, a qualified makeup artist will then begin the eyeliner process by applying droplets of colored pigments between the lashes with special tools to give it definition and depth.
Make-up professionals can monitor the color absorption of each droplet and ensure that each pigment is balanced and nothing is over-saturated; offering a refined and exquisite finish.

Are All Permanent Eyeliners Similar?

We understand why you might think that, but the process of applying permanent eyeliners is a customized process consisting of many different techniques and tools. It usually depends on the make-up artists you get your makeup done by. They keep your desired look in consideration and can opt for various types of high definition eyeliners. They can provide a thick finish or a shadow-like finish depending on your desired look.

The colors too of permanent eyeliners are also customized to your preference. A professional make-up artist will work with you to determine the best way to compliment your features. You should know that it’s better to opt for temporary makeup items so you can choose what kind of look you want, before choosing a more permanent solution.

If you are a brunette, for example, opting for a darker shade will often help accentuate your features. On the other hand, blondes are likely to choose a much lighter shade and a lot more shadowing to compliment their fairer features. It is always advisable to consult with a professional make-up artist and take your time before deciding on what color and thickness of eyeliner most suits your desired taste and style.

How Painful Is It To Get A Permanent Eyeliner?

If you are a tattoo lover like myself, then getting a permanent eyeliner done is like getting yourself tickled by a feather. However, if you haven’t ever gotten a tattoo or even a piercing before then it might be a tad discomforting.

However, as compared to tattoos, permanent eyeliners are a lot less painful and don’t cost as much either. With the help of numbing gel, you won’t feel like you’re getting, what is essentially a tattoo, on the tip of the eyelid. All you’ll feel is a steady vibration and the chances of bleeding or swelling are negligible. Numbing agents are added throughout the process so the individual’s level of comfort is at an all-time high.

When the thin coat of ointment is added around the eye and applied properly, you can carry on with your day. If you’re looking to get the best results, aftercare is important. The area where you get permanent make-up done shouldn’t be exposed to water for a week or two; just to be on the safe side.

How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last?

Permanent eyeliners can last for more than a year on average before eventually beginning to fade. However, with proper care and the natural aptitude of how well your eyes can hold color, permanent eyeliner can last up for up to three years without having to worry about touch-ups.
When it comes to touch-ups, you always have the option to get your faded eyeliner color renewed without having to repeat the permanent eye make-up process.
Exposure to many things like diet, skin-care products, and medications can play a role in fading. Getting touch-ups is the best way to ensure your lifestyle doesn’t mess with your make-up.
Permanent eyeliners can also last long in mild and humid conditions so you don’t have to worry about your makeup running if you’re out and about.

Is Permanent Eyeliner The Right Choice For You?

Eyes are often considered to be the most attractive of all facial features, especially when it comes to women. Eyeliners, no matter how subtle their application may be, will always help draw attention towards your eyes and can even help change the shape of your eye to complement other facial features.

However, applying eyeliner every day can be easier said than done for us women who have an active lifestyle but still want to be looking our best at all times. Permanent eyeliner offers a more long-lasting solution; helping get rid of one more thing on our morning’s to-do list.

Living an active lifestyle is difficult enough without having to spend hours doing your makeup only to have it peeling off as soon as conditions aren’t ideal. With permanent eyeliner, you can wake up to a naturally fresh looking face, every morning, and live an active lifestyle while always looking at your best!

Permanent Eyeliner in St Louis, MO

If you’re looking to melt away minutes each morning when you get ready, while also saving money that would have normally been spent on eyeliner products, then this procedure could be right for you. Active boss babes who want to look their best when hiking, biking, swimming, or working out have a great benefit of not sweating it off.

Remember, it’s super important to find someone who has the same aesthetic values as you before you even book a permanent eyeliner consultation. Reach out to Emily Thomas at Inked Beauty Bar today for your complimentary phone consult and to see if permanent eyeliner is right for you!