What’s the Difference Between Powder/Ombré Brows and Microblading?

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What’s the Difference Between Powder/Ombré Brows and Microblading?

Eyebrow products come and go with the latest trends and fashion. Two semi-permanent alternatives to eyebrow products are microblading and powder brows, also known as ombre brows.

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What is Eyebrow Microblading?

Manual microblading is a method that uses tiny, fine-point needles to synchronously scrape and deposit pigment under your skin. The tools ensure that the final look has a lighter finish in comparison to microshading. Microblading is sometimes also referred to as “micro-stroking” or “feather touch.” Microblading is the most short-lived kind of permanent eyebrow makeup typically lasting 6-12 months. The tool used to perform the microblading procedure is always a disposable one-time use tool. Microblading requires only a certificate that can be gained from an online or day class. It is important when researching an artist you ask for credentials. In my opinion microblading should only be done by a licensed tattoo artist.

Is Microblading a Tattoo?

A tattoo lasts forever because the ink remains under your skin. The ink is implanted in the the dermal layer of the skin. Microblading creates much more precise, thinner, slender, hairlike strokes that are not as deeply ingrained as tattoos. With microblading we are depositing the ink into the upper dermis of the skin. Microblading is a kind of semi-permanent tattoo because it will fade over time.

The microblading procedure is similar to a tattoo. But color molecules in microblading ink are far less concentrated in comparison to the ink used in traditional tattoos. In other words, the dye particles used in microblading should eventually fade away or be touched up every year to maintain the beautiful color and shape.

What to Expect In the Microblading or Ombre Brow Experience?

The artist starts with the process of your consultation. She will examine your skin type as well as the shape and thickness of your current eyebrows. The artist will ask questions about your lifestyle like how often you use skin products or apply makeup. The artist will also ask you whether you are looking for a bold and fashionable look or a modest and conservative look.

Next, the artist will begin drawing on your eyebrows. Very precise measurements are made by using an inked string, ruler and wax pencil. The wax pencil is waterproof and serves the purpose of an outline. The outline will help give you a rough idea of what the finished work will look like.

After the outline and drawing is complete the artist will have you approve the shape. She will then begin to apply a local or topical anesthetic onto the eyebrow area. The local anesthetic takes about twenty minutes to complete the numbing process. Once the outline is complete, the artist will begin the procedure. This can take anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. To finalize the new look, the artist will remove the excess ink scattered across your forehead. There may be some redness or mild swelling. This will dissipate within 12-24 hours. The procedure is complete. The artist will also schedule a follow-up appointment within the next 4-6 weeks.
The follow-up appointment allows the artist to make any adjustments. In most cases, the touch up appointment is essential as not all of the hair strokes will retain after the first appointment and some areas may appear lighter than others. This is Norma and expected.

Microblading Health Risks & Considerations

People with the following health conditions should NOT get microblading treatment.
– Pregnant
– Diabetics
– Heart patients or people using medication for a heart condition
– Anyone using blood thinners
– Anyone undergoing chemotherapy or radiation
– Allergic to benzocaine, epinephrine, lidocaine, prilocaine, or tetracaine
– Anyone with severe skin allergies
– Anyone who has had Botox in the last two weeks
– Anyone who has had a chemical peel in the last two weeks
– Anyone with serious medical conditions
– Anyone undergoing treatment for severe acne

It takes about 7-10 days for your eyebrows visually to heal and 6-8 weeks to heal internally after the microblading procedure. Do not pick or scratch your skin during this period. Doing so can lead to patchy brows or scaring.

If the procedure is not done under clean sterile conditions, it can potentially put you at the risk of contracting diseases like HIV, eczema, skin infections, and hepatitis B or C. Make sure to do your research and ensure your artist is blood borne pathogen certified.

What are Powder aka Ombre Brows?

The word ombre has French roots. In its most basic definition ombre refers to a pattern in which colors or tones fade into one another. Ombre brows or powdered brows are a form of semi-permanent makeup. The powdered brow look is created with a dotting technique using a single-needle. Micropigmentation is the technique that is used to achieve the powdered brow look. This technique is done with a tattoo machine that implants thousands of tiny ink dots to create a soft and beautiful powdered brow. This technique is ideal for ALL people. You and your artist can choose from a wide range of colors to decide which one will be the right match for you. A tattoo machine is used to perform the powdered brow look. The reason why it is called an ombre brow or a powder brow is that it gives a naturally misty look to your eyebrows. Not only do your brows look much more textured, but they also look much more defined in comparison to microblading. Microblading is not feasible for people with excessively oily skin. All skin types are an eligible candidate for ombre brows. If you are a legitimate candidate for microblading but have health concerns, you can also consider ombre brows. The best part about ombre brows is that the entire procedure is less-invasive and less trauma to the skin than microblading. One of the many advantages is that ombre brows can last anywhere from 1-2 years with the proper maintenance.

Ombre Brows Post-Treatment:

Once the procedure is complete you will receive an ointment from your esthetician. This ointment needs to be applied with clean fingers or a cotton swab for the first 5 days after the procedure. Avoid unnecessarily touching your eyebrows after the treatment because your hands may contain bacteria.

The best way to clean the eyebrows after the procedure is to use a cotton round or clean bottled or distilled water. Use the cotton to gently cleanse the area without scrubbing morning and night. Expect to see some negative changes in the final results if you scrub your eyebrows after the procedure.

Avoid picking, peeling, rubbing, or scratching your eyebrows after the procedure is complete. All of these actions can harm the final result.

Additionally, avoid using makeup on your eyebrows in the first two weeks after the procedure. After 4-6 weeks have passed from the day of the treatment you will see the final results of the procedure.

Permanent Eyebrows in St Louis

Are you ready for your beautiful new brows? Yes, microblading and powder brows are a process but the end result is stunning and so worth it. There is no price tag on waking up with beautiful brows everyday. Reach out to Emily Thomas at Inked Beauty Bar today for your complimentary phone consult and to see which style of brows are best for you.